The Benefits of Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement creates a positive work environment that helps boost performance and helps companies make a difference in the world.


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In the business world, connections are everything. Yet how often have you heard employees lament that their corporate owners or top executives are completely disconnected from workers? Or that the employees feel disconnected from the company’s mission or the business’s day-to-day decision-making?

The drudgery of a disengaged workforce need not be the status quo. Today’s most successful business leaders deeply value and respect their employees and are tapping into the many benefits of employee engagement.

But going beyond surface-level engagement, and fostering employee wellness and satisfaction, takes creativity and commitment. Find out how all different kinds of companies are reinventing workplace dynamics and building employee engagement into their missions in this FREE Special Report, The Benefits of Employee Engagement: A Positive Work Environment Boosts Performance and Helps Companies Make a Difference in the World.

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Workers and managers alike have much at stake when it comes to employee engagement. Managers and business leaders will be especially interested to learn about the links between employee engagement and performance that appear again and again in our report. Employees evaluating their career options may be particularly drawn to the interviews in our report that dig into how meaningful it is to work for a company that values everyone on a team, includes team members in decisions, prioritizes giving back to the community, and seeks to make a difference in the world with a values-driven mission.

An Employee Engagement Strategy for Every Business

Not every business engages employees in the same way. Business leaders must let their values, missions, company structures and industry challenges help guide how they might best engage employees in new and meaningful ways. These are just a handful of the questions the companies highlighted in our report asked when developing their own strategies: How can we ensure that employees feel valued and stable in their jobs?

What can we do to better tap the strengths and ideas of our employees and invite them to shape decisions?

Could we create a more diverse workplace and engage with our communities as a whole by recruiting new types of employees — especially those chronically underemployed or overlooked by traditional hiring practices?

How might our workplace culture build empowerment among employees?

Are there any employee-ownership models that make sense for our business?

In this FREE Special Report, you’ll learn how each company put its engagement strategy into action, and then see the actual outcomes in terms of employee satisfaction, community impact and the bottom line. In The Benefits of Employee Engagement, you’ll learn about …

• A successful employee-ownership model operating in the tough sector of home health care
• Businesses that are bridging the income gap between CEOs and employees
• Improving employee wellness with educational programs that address many aspects of life
• How wages and benefits fit in to an employee engagement strategy
• The potential of open hiring practices and welfare-to-work programs
• How to create meaningful jobs for community members with disabilities
• And much more!

In one of the report’s sections, you’ll read an interview with the CEO of a software design company who is deeply committed to building a workforce that cares about what they do. He points out that when employees feel that their work makes a positive difference in the world, they are more engaged, committed and happy at their jobs. You’ll learn about this company’s non-hierarchical structure and how it encourages employees to pursue their own entrepreneurial opportunities.

In another section, we flip the tables and interview two employees who work at a Chicago-based web design company dedicated to employee engagement. The employees talk about the kinds initiatives they’ve been able to tackle at their jobs that go far beyond web design. The company allows them the autonomy to create new company initiatives and get involved in community outreach. One started an internal team that reaches out to other conscientious companies in the area so they can collaborate, host speakers together and more. The other employee worked with community members to sign a power purchase agreement and bring wind-powered electricity to the company and town as a whole.

These are examples of employee engagement that are changing the world for the better. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you can find inspiration in these stories and tips that can help you transform your workplace in meaningful ways!

Why Should You Read Examples of Employee Engagement From B Magazine?

Lots of companies claim to value employees. But what does that really mean — and how can you tell when such claims are just lip service? B Magazine understands and seeks out examples of business models and engagement strategies that go beyond superficial claims. We’ve talked to business leaders and employees from around the world to bring you important, real-world examples of employee engagement that are working well for companies. We look not just at how these companies are engaging employees, but also at how employee engagement and performance are connected, what models lead to the highest employee satisfaction, and how giving back to the community can be a key piece of any engagement strategy.

So when you read this FREE Special Report, you’re getting top-notch reporting about mission-driven companies that you can’t find anywhere else.

And this information is available to you completely FREE. We believe in spreading this valuable information to inspire employees and business leaders around the world.

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What Benefits of Employee Engagement Will You Discover in This Report?

Our FREE report brings you several unique stories about employee engagement and breaks down the key benefits these companies are seeing. Some of those benefits include:

• Increased employee satisfaction and happiness
• Employees who feel empowered to give back to the community
• Higher employee retention and thus lower costs for training and turnover
• Increased performance from employees across tasks and responsibilities
• More stability for employees’ families
• A more motivated workforce
• More creative and effective problem-solving when more voices are involved
• A positive and supportive work environment

And that’s just the beginning! The companies you’ll learn about are also profitable, and many discuss how their values-based engagement strategy has helped them garner new clients and customers who share their values and respect and appreciate the innovative business models they’re using.

Aside from finding tips and inspiration about how to foster engagement in the workplace, this report will also introduce you to some cool companies you may not have heard of before! Perhaps you’ll feel motivated to shop at one of the fair-trade clothing manufactures detailed in the report after you learn about how they’re setting a new bar for employee wellness. Or, maybe the next time you’re in Colorado, you’ll have a meal at Jack’s Bar & Grill, who is committed to hiring people with disabilities.

We hope you’ll read The Benefits of Employee Engagement: A Positive Work Environment Boosts Performance and Helps Companies Make a Difference in the World today. Even more so, we hope you’ll be inspired to incorporate some of these business practices into your own places of employment.

You have the power to create a more positive work environment and these ideas will help you imagine new possibilities!

Ready to engage? Download this FREE report now!

Wishing you the best in your business endeavors,

Bryan Welch
CEO and Publisher
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